Chestnuts are for throwing. Not.

I love chestnuts!  On the University campus where our daycare center is located, there are several chestnut trees.  The last time I was out for a walk with the littles, we discovered another tree.  The chestnuts from this tree are huge!  I couldn't resist filling my pockets and bringing them back to our daycare room.

I put some out on the light table along with our leaf collection and some pinecones.

 I learn something new everyday it seems.  The toddlers teach me.  One of the toddlers was investigating the nature items on the light table and promptly began throwing the chestnuts across the room!  Of course he did!  They are perfect for throwing unless there is something else to do with them.  So I had to think quickly on my feet and this is what I came up with.

I brought out this long wooden tray with sections just right for chestnuts.  

The children took turns loading up the tray.

I also found a yogurt bucket in the kitchen.  I cut a hole in the lid and then they also had the option of putting the chestnuts in the bucket.

From basket to tray to bucket.  When the bucket was full, dump it out and repeat.  And repeat!

I thought it might also be a good idea for them to have something for the leaves to go in.

This is a kleenex box cover.  Just the right slot for the leaves.

He was trying to see if puzzle pieces would fit.  He also tried to fit the chestnuts in.  Experimenting.  Thinking.

And toddlers being toddlers, its always fun to try the bucket on!

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