Miniature Tea Set.


When my daughter was planning their 24 hour road trip to the city where I live, she had to be creative and thoughtful with ideas to keep he...

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Playing to Win.


We spent the week-end at the ball field.  Our son's team was supposed to have travelled to another city but they still had snow on the f...

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Early One Morning.


One morning some time ago, it was my turn to open our infant daycare room.  One of the best features of this room is the large windows on on...

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Spring has Come.


Spring has come to the campus where our daycare center is located.  We have been waiting and waiting for the weather to finally warm up.  W...

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Pure Imagination.


I haven't had an active three year old in my home for a long time. But for now our grand-daughter and her parents are staying with us u...

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