A Beautiful Corner of the World.

We enjoyed a special trip to the ocean this past long week-end.  My husbands Mom and Auntie, aged 82 and 92, live there.  We got to visit with them and eat a lovely Sunday Easter meal together.  

 I took some pictures of the beauty around me.  

We went to the ocean twice.  The first day was overcast and a little rainy, but not cold.  We didn't mind. 

Exploring tidal pools.

She wanted to build a sand castle but didn't really like touching the sand.  So we built a drift wood castle and she played in the sand using a stone.

Right by the beach is a cemetery.  We took a walk through it, as it has special memories for my hubby D. When he was 14 or so he mowed the lawns, fixed head stones and other odd jobs. 

I loved all the gorgeous spring flowers.  As we drove around we saw beautiful signs of spring everywhere.

The week-end was relaxing and fun.  I'm glad we went.

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