Pure Imagination.

I haven't had an active three year old in my home for a long time. But for now our grand-daughter and her parents are staying with us until their new home becomes available.
We have a fairly small space and it's a good idea to watch where you are placing your feet these days.  Our living room has been taken over by this creative, hard-playing little girl.....and her toys.  I took a few pictures to show you what I have seen this past week.  

One morning I was presented with Birthday cake....with candies.  You might have to look closely to see those.  Yum, yum!

And what's cake without a special drink?

Wooden coasters turned into art.  Left over items from complex play. 

Block play.  

Beads and String.

A Mama bead and a Baby bead around the kitchen table.

Books?  No.
A path.   Actually a short cut.

I have to say that when I witness the incredible work and effort that goes into this kind of play it is no problem for me to move and let her take over the space for the day.  

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