A Wet-Felted Play Mat - A Country Scene

I created this play mat a few years ago. It was one of the first mats I ever made and it turned out to be one of my personal favorites. As you can see, it features a little apple house surrounded by a hedge. There are paving stones that lead to the veggie patch where little rabbit loves to reside.  

The little flowers below are cut out felt shapes glued onto a small dowel that was painted green. You can also use a furniture nail to attach the felt to the dowel.  The children can move them around as they wish.

Goat likes to nibble the grass in the colorful fairy ring.

A gurgling stream runs down along one edge of the play mat.  I wonder if some ducks or a frog or turtle would like to come and play there?

I needle-felted some little apple people to go with this mat as well.  

Stay tuned for a story that I like to use with this mat.

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