Our Sensory Space.

We are really loving the sensory room that we have set up in our spacious bathroom.  Because it is a designated space it makes it a little easier to go in there multiple times a day and offer interesting and different experiences for the children.  We currently have a large bin of corn/wheat/jewels that can be brought out as needed.  We have a water table that we have been using for water/snow/ice play.  We have a table for painting.  And we have an over head projector to use as well. We usually play some classical, serene music quietly in the background.  It's nice to have the variety of choices ready to go as needed.

With our very busy classroom this winter I feel it is imperative to give the children ample time and ways to stimulate their senses in discovery and wonder.

Today a little boy asked me several times if he could use the over head projector.  Unfortunately it was lunch time and then nap time and we couldn't do it then. But when he woke up my co-worker opened the sensory room and plugged in the projector for him.  For a while he had the room to himself as his friends were still sleeping.

He placed all the items available to him on the glass.

That's a mirror on the wall behind the projector to add dimension and interesting reflection.


We hung a dark sheet on the opposite wall for the light reflection.  Above the sheet I hung a branch that you can just see here. The sheet hangs over the half gate that we had installed giving privacy.  With the half gate and the sheet down the group of children in the space is controlled and they can focus on their work/play. We are still developing this space but it is starting to be really cozy and beautiful.

After he placed everything on the screen he then cleared it all off again.

He carefully sorted all of the items into each bowl.

I watched him experimenting with pouring all of the snowflakes out of the bowl.  That made an interesting, artistic effect on the screen. 

I know this experience was rich and satisfying to him.  I know that experiences such as this are rich and satisfying to me and my co-workers.  When children are engaged and learning what they want to, they are fulfilled and therefore we are fulfilled as educators.  I went home today marking this lovely experience as a highlight of the day!

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