#17 in Action.

My son, #17, had a great baseball season.   We were fortunate that different photographers with their fancier cameras captured a few great shots of him in action.
He accomplished some personal goals this year. 

Baseball has taught him a lot of life skills.  

He understands what team work is and how to support his team mates. He has travelled many miles on a bus with the guys and has lived in close quarters for days at a time. He has experienced loss and he has experienced success.  He has lived with disappointment and stress and high pressure situations.  He also has been encouraged and empowered and excited. He has put in long hours in all kinds of weather.  He has had to get up very early for practises that start at 6:00 am. He understands commitment and what it means to follow through with a plan.
 He has developed organizational skills.  He has had to work through physical pain and fatigue.  Understanding that the game of baseball is not only a physical game but a mental one, has taught him how to regulate his emotions and stay steady under pressure.  He has had to learn and is still learning time management skills as he juggles University courses and a short but extremely intense baseball season.

I am proud of my kid and I think these are some pretty great qualities for his resume!

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