Rain - an Unconventional Toy

It poured rain all day today.  I, personally, welcome the rain as we live in a semi-arid desert and the earth is already dry with the warm temperatures we have had.  
The rain provided twelve toddlers with numerous learning opportunities and wonderful surprises.

We noticed that there were beautiful water droplets on the end of the pine needles.

He noticed that the pine needles were sharp.  The rain made ordinary pine needles sparkly and interesting.

Look how shiny the concrete is.  

Rain water gathered in our water table.

Rain water was also found in pots and trucks.  This little one dumped out the water and watched  it disappear as the sand soaked it up.

We have a big puddle that we walked and jumped in.  

After dumping the water out of his boots a couple times, he decided to abandon them.

I asked him what it felt like and he said, "Dirt".

This little one also went bare foot in the sand box.  Wet feet and sand/dirt can create an interesting sensory experience that some need to feel in order to know if they like it or not.  

More rain on the forecast tomorrow.  

Tomorrows programming done - check

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