Fun With Boxes.

We have had a lot of boxes at the daycare in the past few months.  Different sizes and shapes.  Some I simply taped up and put out for the toddlers to stack and push over and move around.  So easy to recycle as needed, the fun was there as long as the boxes lasted.

Over Christmas our Daycare had a fundraiser and we ended up with a whole lot of empty Purdy's Chocolate boxes!

With the larger boxes we decided to create a maze on the patio and then we created an addition later with more boxes. 

For the maze I just duct taped the top, joining each box and then cut corresponding door way holes in each one.  They have to crawl through, using lots of gross motor energy.

My co-worker created the additional castle box with doors! In and out, in and out!

Simple, fun, free and kept the toddlers engaged all winter.  


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