The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Our days are consumed with cleaning it seems.  Our beautiful house is big and kind of empty with just two of us living in it.  Actually we are currently camped in the basement while we clean and repair after 6 years of renting.  It is taking some time to get everything back in order.  The interesting thing about moving is that life continues on.  One still has to eat and sleep and relax.  

We are determined to make sure we take care of ourselves in this process to ensure we don't get sick or hurt or exhausted.  So everyday we make a plan.  We do our stretching and exercises.  We eat well.  I have been using the crock pot almost everyday for nourishing soups and bone broth.  We have been spending time foraging for food as it is more expensive here.  If I find discount veggies I have been freezing them and building up some stock for the winter.  For the first time in 6 years I have a freezer again and so I am grateful for the ability to preserve food.  We try to go regularly for a walk and get away from the work for a bit.We also try to have a quiet time each day to think and ponder to pray and be grateful, to listen to the Bible.  This is all helping us survive this great transition in a healthy and positive way.

It is about 20 years since we started building this house.  My hubby D always dreamed of building his own home and I was not going to stand in his way.  He did most of it himself.  He learned a lot about physics as he maneuvered 400 lb timbers around in his shop, planing them and preparing them for assembly.  I helped and our kids helped and at times friends and family helped too.  During all the house building we parented and lived life and were active in our community.  Our three kids grew up.  Bit by bit the house got built.  It's not quite finished but we are excited about the projects to come.

Meanwhile, because we were away for 6 years, we have some catch up to do.

Every surface needs to be cleaned.  Floor, walls, windows, ceilings and all sides of every timber and brace.

I am thankful for my strength and tenacity.  Sometimes I wish for more but I am doing my part.

I am so thankful for a partner who is smart and capable, healthy and strong.

From upstairs looking down.

It has been fun cleaning the bedrooms that our kids were in.  We are officially empty nesters for the first time in 32 years.  We have many great memories to cheer us along.

I decided to set up our office and craft space in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

One of my sisters lives nearby and had a crafting project she is working on.  My little space worked perfectly.  

Two minutes away from our home is a canal where we walk.  It is so beautiful there and therapeutic to be in nature.

I recently added a few more play mats to my Etsy shop.  Crafting is something I need.  It balances me I guess.  I sometimes struggle as an artist or crafter but I am still compelled to try.

You can check out our shop HERE.  My daughter and I have a little shop we manage, if you would like to have a browse.

While I haven't been able to actually move furniture into our home yet, I have enjoyed a few beautiful touches.

I am grateful.

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