Rock Art Therapy.

In many ways, this past year has been really hard for me.  My wise social worker daughter warned me that moving is up there with death and divorce. I don't think this move was quite that serious but the point I think was to give myself space to adjust and allow for the emotions that were sure to come. The move from one town to the next meant leaving loved ones, and what we had come to be familiar with for six years. While we were excited to move back to our hometown there was a lot of adjusting that had to happen.  Reclaiming our house that we rented for six years including cleaning and repair.  Looking for work, meeting old friends and reacquainting.  Figuring out where to buy groceries and on and on. 

What I experienced was a mix of fear, nervousness, exhaustion, longing, and also happiness, joy, and nostalgia.

I found myself turning to crafting and the creative side of my brain kept me balanced and grounded.  
Because I had to wait for garden seeds to grow and produce color I got impatient and decided to add some color a different way.  Rock painting!

I went online, got some ideas, probably plagiarized some artists beautiful ideas, and got to work.

First I made some ladybugs.

I thought they were pretty adorable.  I finished them with modge podge which isn't totally waterproof but they seem to have made it through a few rain storms just fine.

I placed my colorful and whimsical rocks in strategic places around my garden and they warmed my heart during the year of garden restoration.  I'm not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed but I carried on painting all summer until my patio garden was in full bloom. 

I might have 20 painted stones in the garden.  Only the fairies will actually know.

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