A Wood House Play Invitation.

One of my husband's favorite ways to spend his time is in his workshop.  He originally built the workshop as a base for his carpentry business.  He also wanted to fulfill his childhood dream of building his family a house.  His workshop has been a busy place throughout the years. 

 He finds it hard to throw things out just in case he might need it, but things were getting a little unorganized and cluttered. He has been doing a lot of organizing and cleaning and sorting these days. 

 Perfect timing for me and my little business, and the carrot came up, which features a variety of children's toys. He has partnered with me and cuts out tree cookies and blocks, builds art caddy's, sensory tables, easels and all sorts of fun items!  

This is a little house he cut from a chunk of local old growth fir.   It's thick and heavy and would go perfectly in a child's block area.  The door goes right through the block and on the side is a round window that also goes right through the other way.  He sanded the edges so they are soft and I finished it with some Tung Oil.

It is fun for me to add embellishments that invite a child to come and take notice and play.  Materials that provoke imagination and creativity.  

Schleiss Brand animals are my favorite but of course, any animals would work just as well.  I absolutely love scouring garage sales and thrift stores for just the right treasures!

This little kitty is just waiting patiently for that little mouse to come down.  

I think the little mouse isn't in a hurry....

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