One Step at a Time.

It's funny how life twists and turns sometimes.  You can think you are going in a certain direction and all of a sudden you are not going that way, you are going this way instead.  Sometimes it's hard to understand and be sure of why those changes occur and how to make the best decisions.
Our life has recently taken a turn and we find ourselves temporarily in another city.  We are doing our best to be flexible and available and present in the moment.

While we are here I have been able to spend some time at the ocean.  I can just sit there and look and absorb the beauty.  It's relaxing and calming and soothing.

Sometimes we have a chance to explore the city.  We wander around and just look.  For my husband, Darrell, who grew up here, it is nostalgic and a time of reminiscing.  We like taking our books and enjoying the library.  

I've been practicing gratefulness and looking for beauty.  It is not hard to find beauty in this city so that makes it pretty easy most days.  

I continue to work on my small business and have created a few new play mats to feature in my Etsy shop.  If you are interested in having a closer look you can find them here.

Unicorns and Peg Dolls.

Meadows and horse paddocks.

I've also made two ocean mats and a "make way for ducklings" mat which was inspired by the pond in the garden where my mother in law and auntie live.

I guess for today, I needed to be here.  To write a few words, to gather thoughts, to share my journey in a small way.

The twists and turns of life can overwhelm at times, but by taking one small step at a time, by trusting (for me, I put my trust in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit), and by enjoying the beauty around, the path can become clear and illuminated.

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