Dads Saying Yes.

These pictures make my heart sing.  

These two young men are the Dads of my grands.  

What these pictures signify to me are two dads who are investing.  They are spending time with their little ones, loving them, teaching them, reading to them.

Time spent.  Quality time.

In my experience as a parent of three grown children and as an Early Childhood Educator I would say that they will never regret the time spent.  I love that they are choosing to do it.  I know their choice brings joy to their little family.  Often times, parenting is undervalued.  I, for one, want to commend these young dads for their effort.

I love the simplicity of reading and being with.

This post reminded me of a book by Robert McCloskey called Make Way For Ducklings.  It was first published in 1941, so it's an oldie....but a goodie!

"Mr. and Mrs. Mallard grew tired looking for the perfect spot to raise their family.  Stopping off for a rest in the city, they were delighted to find it had everything they wanted.  But though there were no dangerous foxes or turtles, there were still surprises in store for the Mallards and their newly hatched ducklings.  An endearing childhood classic."

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