A Year in Pictures

 Our special grand-son is two years old today.  We had a nice visit via Face Time this morning and we know that he is going to have a lovely day.  He can say, "Happy Day!" and so it is for him, as he celebrates two amazing years of life and tremendous growth.  As I was thinking about him, I went back in my pictures and decided to post some of my favorites.  I went back through time and the growth and maturity is so clear.  Any parent knows, some days are long and difficult and it's hard to see definitive growth but when you get a chance to step back, so to speak, it is so clear. 

We started a new tradition of a Waldorf birthday ring on his first birthday.

He has always loved wide, open spaces.

He loves sticks.

He loves books.  He loves being read to and he loves reading on his own!

Always up for an adventure!

Rare (sadly) cousin visits.  He loves his big cousin and hopefully that relationship will continue in the future.

He went through a stage where recycled materials were his favorite items.  In and out.

Sleep has not always come easily to this little one.  This family is fairly sleep deprived and are looking forward to more restful nights.

Growing up in a city where the winters are long and cold.  From red snow suit to grey, depicting a lot of physical growth.

The start of a cascade of communication including sounds, gestures, signs and words.  He is not only learning English but Russian as well.


How many of us have felt during Covid-19. 

The start of a strong interest in construction vehicles.

 Officially a toddler with the bruises to prove it.

Getting taller.

Loves his baby.

Happy 2nd Birthday Beautiful Boy!

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