Stop The Car....I need that sink!

I have to admit I am the one in the family who most likely yells, "STOP" when driving by someone's Trash to Treasure!

My accommodating and tolerant husband stops, usually shaking his head.

This happened four times (at least)  and each time I've nabbed a double stainless steel sink.  Because, you know, we can use it for something for sure.  He nods and smiles some more because he knows that the something will require his amazing carpentry skills.

As an Early Childhood Educator I know that sensory tables and mud kitchens are staples in a daycare environment, especially one that can withstand varying  weather conditions and stand up to general wear and tear and heavy use by curious little learners.

I endorse these furniture pieces that support open-ended learning and exploration.  Children can literally play with water for hours and add in some dirt or wood chips and the time is extended.  Most children have some experience with helping a parent with baking or cooking a meal and they just love to play out that narrative if given a chance with some spoons, ladles, pots and dishes.  Add in a clip board with a menu or a grocery list and their play could go in different directions.

Sensory tables can also support and promote incredible learning. Cool water, warm water, bubbly water, colored water.  Water that is shiny and reflective as it moves in the sun and when it is poured and splashed.

Our tables are simple, very well constructed and not quite finished, but I couldn't wait to show you!

They will still get some knobs and hooks and hangers.  Each will be unique in design depending on the availability of wood and accessories.

Here is the frame of the sensory table.  

Sturdy and strong construction.  Mortise and Tenon joinery.  What is that you ask?
A mortise and tenon joint connects two pieces of wood or of material. Woodworkers around the world have used it for thousands of years to join pieces of wood, mainly when the adjoining pieces connect at right angles. Mortise and tenon joints are strong and stable joints that can be used in many projects. Wikipedia

Not all of the tables will have mortise and tenon construction but they are all well made.

Wouldn't it be fun to include a tap that could be connected to your lawn hose and that the children can turn off and on?  It will come with sink plugs also and with a bucket underneath you can recycle that water into your garden!

And here is the cutest mud kitchen ever!! I'm so excited!

More details to finish it up before it's available for sale.

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