Watching A Play.

I have had the privilege of having this sweet four year old little girl at my home a few times lately.  I  knew her really well when she was two and in my Infant and Toddler room.  We became friends.  Then she graduated into the 3-5 year old room and we adopted a secret wave and now and then we get to visit a little or have a chat over the fence.  Sometimes she joins me at the end of the day when I'm on late shift.  It's pretty special.

The second day when she came over to my place, we played in the garden for a long time and she wandered all about picking flowers that she knew her Mimi would like.  We walked to the mailbox and then on the way back we cut through the forest on our way to the treehouse.  She really loved the moss we found and she lay on it and brushed her hands over it.  


In the treehouse.

We read stories and ate snack and lunch.  I got a chuckle when she opened both my fridge doors and said, "I want to eat your food!"  So a few slices of honey toast were made and enjoyed.  During the day we had some pretend play with two dolls.  She named hers Hazel and mine was named Molly.  There were three other dolls that were integrated into play near the end of the day. 

Some of you may know that I have a little side gig, making children's play materials. It's my hope that these items can spark imaginative and creative play for young children.   At one point little girl said, "Let's go upstairs"  She knows my craft room is up there and my Carrot Came Up shop items are there.  She got busy and shopped!  I found it super interesting what she picked out.  A few of these and a few of those, sometimes chosen because of color. She just seemed so decisive and knew what she liked instantly.  I found that ability enviable! I got her a basket because she had too many things to carry and she had the idea to take these things to the patio.  The dolls came along too.  I wonder if an idea was brewing in her mind and even though I wasn't sure what her plan was, there did seem to be  a plan.

First of all, the five dolls were flung under the picnic table.  Then I realized the plan was unfolding so I retreated onto a chair over in the corner and watched.

She selected different items and set them up in various places on the patio.  Again, I was so intrigued with her selection and set ups.  It was so very artistic, I thought.

Oh, I heard her say to herself, "This is beautiful".  I thought how wonderful it was, that she was pleased with her work and didn't need any validation from me.

At one point I did ask her about the dolls under the table and she said, "Oh they are getting ready for school!"  That was when she invited me into her play to be the mom and bring the kids to school.  So all the kids went to school.  She found all of the dolls a station to play at.

After they played, they had snack of course.

And just like that we felt a few rain drops and her amazing play ended quickly as we gathered up all the items.  

This play was a privilege to witness.  Someone's incredible learning and narrative.  Play that comes so naturally to small children and is indeed their work.  Yeah! Inspiring imaginative and creative play evolved!

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