Wet Felting - Sunflower Centerpiece.

My favorite middle child recently had a birthday.  What a great reason to do some crafting. I've had a hankering to do some Eric Carle art.  He is just so fun and inspiring isn't he?.
He recently put up this little lady bird on his website.  
Isn't she just so sweet?

I decided to make her a card.

I used a page of free art painting my grand-daughter and I had done recently.

Cut out the shapes.

Fastened everything down with some Mod Podge.

And ended up with a colorful flower card!

Then I decided to do a little felting.

I had the idea to make a centerpiece.  I love how ideas evolve sometimes.  I did not know exactly how this was going to end up.  I started with a vague idea and just let the creativity flow.

I used some wool batting as the base of the centerpiece and then added roving.

Once it was felted I needled in some definition with yellow roving. I also cut around the edge of the centerpiece to create more definition of the petals.

I decided to paint some little friends to live on the sunflower centerpiece.

I used Mod Podge to create a little sheen.

They look at home there, don't you think?

The final step included a quick trip to the Thrift store for a candy dish.

This is a candy dish right?

My daughter sent me the finished product as it looks on her coffee table.

Happy birthday my girl.  Hope you can feel the love!

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