Calling all Fairies!

We spent some time this week-end in our grand-daughter's garden.  The guys were working on a wood working project.  The girls were playing and lounging in the warm Autumn sun.  It was late afternoon and the sun was low and casting long shadows across the grass.  

We got out the tree blocks that we had recently sanded and treated with a lovely beeswax finish.  You can read more about the process we used HERE.

We set up a little table and chairs and prepared it for the garden fairies who might like to come for a visit.  

Our little girl scampered around the garden gathering bits and pieces to add to the invitation.

She had on her own set of fairy wings, except she called them dragon fly wings.

So energetic and carefree!

And then all of a sudden she was done with the wings and it was time for a bike ride.

I wonder if the fairies will come for their snack?

Are you interested in Fairy books for children?   Check this one out!
I think I could seriously get hooked on creating Fairy homes....

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