Days to Savour.

We were over at my daughter's place yesterday, picking pears and plums.  The place they are renting this year has many fruit trees and they are a little overwhelmed to say the least.  They have 3 large cherry trees, three or four apricot trees, an apple, pear and plum tree, plus their garden.  There is a lot of harvesting going on these days.  My daughter invested in a food dehydrator and that has been a really helpful way to store food for the coming winter.

I invited my mom to come and pick fruit as well.  Fruit is an important part of her low-no fat diet and she appreciates the family time as well.  

My daughter and I were busy picking pears and then we moved along to where the plum tree is and there was Nana up in the tree.

I say, life is short, if you want to climb a tree when you are 75 and 1/2, go for it!
I had a turn climbing the tree as well, to pick a few plums!  It brought back some fond memories of childhood for me.  Times when I climbed to the very top of our plum tree and sat up there, alone with my thoughts, feasting on plums, with a great view of the village I grew up in.

When we were done picking fruit, we went to lay on the picnic blanket and bask in the lovely, late summer sun.  

All except for little girl who was playing with water and making soup for Nana.
Her Great -Nana that is.

We could hear them chattering away to each other and I tried to sneak in to snap a few pictures without interrupting.

I grew up without any extended family nearby at all, so, when family gets together, it is something I really value.  Young ones learning from older ones.  Listening to stories and advice and wisdom and things learned.

She is telling the little girl the story of Stone Soup.

Our tender hearted little girl wanted to know, "Why didn't the old woman want to share?"

If you haven't heard the story of Stone Soup you can read the Original tale HERE.
There are numerous versions of the same story.

In case any of you are wondering....Nana is wearing a little beanie hat she bought when she was on holiday in Saudi Arabia.  It is a hat that a little Saudi boy would typically wear.  It caught her fancy and there you have it.  

Relationship building, memory making, sharing thoughts and ideas.  Asking questions and wondering why? and what? and tell me.

Days to savour, days to enjoy, days to  remember.

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