Late Afternoon Magic.

It's that time of year when we host infant/toddler practicum students.  Our room has had two students so far and we loved having them.  As part of their time with us their instructors have them bring programming "additions."   Our first student made a gorgeous laminated book based on the brown bear, brown bear rhyme but using the children' pictures.  The toddlers loved it!  She also brought in laminated people puppets that included a picture of themselves, their families and their homes.  The toddlers really connected with this activity as well and the puppets are an integral part of our room now.  One little boy takes all three of his puppets home each night and brings them back the next day.  

Our second student brought additions that relate to light.  Flashlights, a string of lights that goes half way around our room, metallic butterflies for the window, a disco ball,  and water beads.  She also used the light projector and plexiglas for a painting activity.  The children have been interacting, learning and playing in various ways with light!

It was the end of the day and the late afternoon sun was shining through our window.  It created some magic for the last three children of the day as it shone on the disco ball. Light reflections covered the walls, ceiling and carpet!  The children ran in to explore!

They did their best to "catch" the light with their feet or hands.

They were also drawn to the water beads on the window.  They were so attractive with the sun shining through them.  I wanted to touch them too!

I just love when special, spontaneous moments happen this way! 

The perfect end to the day!

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