Our Toddler Zip-line.

It was a beautiful early spring Saturday and it was the day to install our toddler zip-line.  A keen parent, his keen son, my hubby D and I were the work crew!

While the guys ran up to the hardware store, little boy and I did the spring cleaning to clear loose part wood and stumps from the course.  There were old leaves from the fall that got raked up so the work could begin. 

This is the where we decided to install the zip-line.

We dug in and bolted a 4 x 4 post to an already existing platform.  Later we would add more reinforcement to the post.

We removed that front portion of the platform as well.

We needed lots of tools and parts.

The keen parent generously got most of the parts organized and my hubby D brought the tools.

They had to figure out length and height and grade and tension.  They weren't sure if they would attach the other end onto the fence or the tree.  They decided on the tree because they needed the height.

 Little boy had a lot of fun checking out all the tools.

His Dad is up at the tree connecting the other end.

Connecting all the parts.

Little boy needed to stop for a little snack break.

Measuring the height.

Testing it out.  Oooops, too loose.

 Dad took a lot of time to explain how things work.  He's great that way.

More discussion.

Hooray!  It works!

Our zip-line is around 15 ft long.  The little boy started on the platform and lifted his legs and was off down the course.  The  grade is such that he stopped just before the fence. 

Since it is a brand new feature in our yard, we will talk together as a staff about how to supervise it.  Bottom line is safety first....but hopefully lots of fun too!

This is the LINK to the DIY video  that we used if you are interested in building your own zip-line.  We modified it to meet our own needs.

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