An Easter Egg Hunt - Our Style

Simple is beautiful. 

 That's my opinion anyway.  This little girl had her first Easter Egg hunt this week-end and it was just the right balance of special goodies, small gifts, a memorable hunting game and family time.

She is four years old this spring.  I can hardly believe how fast time ticks on.  

 Her Mom and Dad combined their traditions and created a fun time for their daughter.

Her Dad placed picture clues inside plastic eggs.  He showed her how to open the eggs and find the clue.  He also put one mini chocolate egg in each of the plastic eggs.

Following the clue she races over to the ladder swing!

There was a clue that led her to the apple tree.

Uh -Oh it's a little high. 

Papa lends a helping hand.

There was a clue that led her to the garden and the car and also to her Fairy garden.

She had no trouble following the clues and for her it was all about the game.  She carefully placed all her tiny chocolate eggs in the basket.  I found out later she didn't know they were edible.   I love that.  She has rarely been exposed to candy or chocolate and for her "collecting" was the the funnest part.  

Beautifully innocent.

At the end of the hunt she found a treasure basket.

Bath bubbles, new tights, and spring animal cookie cutters.


Happy Easter!

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