Small World Play in the Sandtable

I bought some sand recently from a local hardware store.  I bought two twenty five pound bags and thought that would give us plenty to use for some time.  I was a bit disappointed in it however.  It was very dusty and not that nice because of that.  

We took the first sandbox load outside and eventually dumped it out as it was vertually unusable.  The second time round we decided to create a dry creek bed small world. 

First I secured two small trees to the center of the table with tape.  Then we added the second twenty five pound bag of sand as well as pea gravel, medium sized stones, large rocks and lots of gems.

We added in some frogs and turtles, snakes and an eagle family.

We also added a log.

I often find the eagle family up in the trees.

We water the sand box once a day.

We are really happy with how the small world turned out.  The consistency of the sand with all of the additions has made it very nice to use and not dusty at all.  The children often bring in their cars to drive and dig.  They like making roads.  I am amazed as well, that apart from a normal amount of spillage they are not inclined to transport this sand anywhere.  

The sand box has been consistently and successfully used for quite a few weeks now.

We recently switched the frogs, snakes and turtles for small dinosaurs and that has extended the play some more.


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