Felt Scraps, Felt Art

My family went for a quick trip to visit 
Great Grandma and Great Auntie at the Ocean recently.  

We enjoyed some time at the ocean of course and ate fish and chips by the waters edge.  It tastes better that way it seems.

Part of visiting always includes a bit of confusion as things get figured out.  Where are we going?  Who wants to go?  Who's driving?   Who's riding in what car?  What time are we leaving? And on it goes.  I thought that the youngest member of our family took it all in stride quite well.

As part of down time she had fun looking in Great Grandma's closet and finding some different toys in there.  One thing she found was a craft that I made for young cousins many years ago, before I could believe that I might have a lovely little grand-daughter who loves art and creativity.

I had a box that held tea once upon a time.  I hot glued a piece of felt on the lid and also glued a frame around it.  Then I set to work cutting many shapes of all sizes.  I also cut some sea creatures, the parts of a boat, some flowers and trees etc.  Just enough to get the imagination going I hoped.

This little girl played with the felts for a long time and re-visited it many times during the week-end.

Here is some of her art.

Mommy and Nanny had fun too.

The idea for this originated from Susan Munzer's book,
  Learn to Play, Play to Learn.

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