Soccer Saturday.

My grand-daughter expressed an interest in playing soccer. In fact one day she said that when she grows up she wants to be, " an airplane pilot, a soccer player, a woman and a cook. Four things I want to be."

So back in the spring her parents signed her up for a beginner soccer class.  She is four years old and they thought she would like it.  Fast forward to July and her first Soccer Saturday is pending.  The only problem is, is that she doesn't want to go.  Fears have set in.  What if there are not enough balls?  What if someone takes my ball away from me?  Her parents patiently acknowledged her feelings, answered her questions and she agrees to go.

All children are different.  Some will jump right into a new situation with confidence, others need to have a few more details and perhaps reference points before they can start a new thing.  This little girl likes to have information and know what is going to happen in advance.  Fortunately she has parents who understand this and are very supportive.  What a difference that support made.  It enabled her to go to her first soccer class and be successful.

Her coach invites the children to bring a parent and they have a quick meeting before they begin their practice.

Lots of balls!

Practising her kicking!

Water break.

Check in with Mom.

She was proud of herself for being brave.  She had fun.  

Next Saturday should be just fine.

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