Green Light for Color Mixing!

It all started when my grand-daughter wanted to paint a rock to add to the story we are creating of "The Little White Duck."

We needed a black bug.  She selected a rock out of my collection and asked for paint.

A little white, a little blue, a little black. " Oh, I need to add just a little more black.  What happens if I add red?"

The blocking paper was doing a good job.  Lots of paint didn't get all over the table.
When I realized the direction this art session was going in, I got her a little mixing tray.

She clearly enjoyed the experience of mixing colors.  And who wouldn't.  They were gorgeous!

In the end the bug rock was painted turquoise.  And had a feather stuck onto him.

She's come a long way since the days when she got upset when paint got on her hands.

We stored the mixed paint for another day.


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