When Life is Going by a Little Quickly.

Those of you who are Early Childhood Educators know what busy Septembers can be like.

This year our toddler room is fairly balanced with girls and boys unlike last year when we had  ten boys and two girls.  It's nice to have a more even mix I think.  The new littles took a few weeks to settle in to the new routines, the new teachers, the new environment...basically a lot of newness.

We had a group of toddlers who were regulars but had taken the summer off so were kind of new but not totally.  They had to adjust to all the newness too.

And then we had our regulars who had been with us all along who had to adjust to a 1:4 ratio again and new friends joining us.

To make our situation even more interesting we have a new staff team.  It's going to be a strong, good team and I am looking forward to working with these women.  However, it takes time and communication and more communication to learn to work together.  It takes time to exchange thoughts and ideas and to figure out a new rhythm together.  

Then there is life.  Full time life.  Full time work.  I have to admit I am a bit tired.

Today, on Thanksgiving Monday, I decided to lay low and rest.  Hopefully this head cold that is threatening will just go away.  Hopefully I can gather my thoughts and energy before a new week begins.  

While resting, I decided to do a little crafting.  My husband thinks that is me thinking about work.  I find it gives me life and the creative outlet is energizing for me.

This is what I did.

Rainbow Family

Autumn Family

 Acorn Babies

Mushroom Family

I used acrylic paint and when they were dry I painted them with Modge Podge to give them a nice finish.

We want to create an enchanted forest in our toddler room soon.  I think some of these will fit in nicely, don't you?

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