Celebrating Children's Art.

We celebrate home made art in our home.  When my three children were young I was always thrilled to see what they created at school or at home and kept as many pieces as I could reasonably store.  I thought it would be fun for them to look back on some of their work from years past when they were older.  Both of my adult daughters still enjoy many forms of creating art and make it a priority in their down time.

My grand-daughter's work is just as important.  If you were to walk into her home you would see much of her work framed and in a prominent spot in the all rooms.

She recently painted this for me.   She told me she is especially proud of the sun.  She did a bit of color mixing which she loves to do.  There is also moss and a tree.  I love the bright colors, the perspective and I know she exercised a great deal of tenacity to complete this 20X18 piece.

It is front and center in my dining room.

 A more humble piece, just some golden yellow and purple looks stunning in a frame.

One day her mom signed her up at our local Art Studio for the "Stay Cool" workshop.  The three of us were so excited!  

Her anticipation trumped any nervousness and she knew her mommy would be waiting in the tea shop next door.

She was signed up for two, hour and a half sessions.

The children were going to be using painting, collage and print making techniques to make an acrylic on canvas in their workshop.

Some serious painting has gone on in here.

When we went to pick her up she was still at work.  Using scrapers to make fancy designs as part of the print making.

She chose vibrant yellow for the background of her canvas. These canvases are really large.  It would have taken some work to cover it.

Her designed pages are drying below all ready for day 2.

Evidence of her hard work!

We regrouped at the tea shop for a little snack.

She is telling her mommy all about it!  She remembered the rules.
1. No running
2. It's no Big Deal!
3. Have fun

I just learned today that there was a fourth rule
4. Don't Panic!

She told us that she followed rule #3 the most.  I'm so glad for her about that.

Day #2.  She is placing her special, glittery gem on the top of her ice-cream cone.

The finished product before the canvas is stretched onto a frame.

A little bonus creation.  Polymer clay ice-cream cones attached to a key chain holder.

Thoughtful and a bit tired.

What a great experience she had.  She will definitely remember this day.


Aside from the obvious pleasure making art can give a child, there are many other great reasons to do art daily.

The New York Center for Arts Education provides this list of benefits for children to participate in art activities.

  • Your kid learns to think creatively, with an open mind
  • Your kid learns to observe and describe, analyze and interpret
  • Your kid learns to express feelings, with or without words.
  • Your kid practices problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, dance, music, theater and art-making skills, language and vocabulary of the arts
  • Your kid discovers that there is more than one right answer, multiple points of view
  • School can be fun – playing can be learning
  • Your kid learns to collaborate with other children and with adults
  • Arts introduce children to cultures from around the world
  • Your kid can blossom and excel in the arts.  Even with physical, emotional or learning challenges, can experience success in the arts.
  • Arts build confidence.  Because there is not just one right way to make art, every child can feel pride in his or her original artistic creations.
  • Arts build community.  Schools with a variety of differences can celebrate the arts as one community.
You can read the whole article HERE

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