One of our Daycare Yards.

Our toddlers played outside for three hours this morning. Outside time is very important to us as educators because we see the positive effect it has on the children.

 The post today is featuring our top yard where we spent most of our time.

Temperatures hit 32 degrees Celsius today so it was especially nice to be in this particular yard given the generous shade provided by the pine trees.

Our yard was recently up-dated with a lovely plank fence.  The children can easily see into the yard down below.

Years ago the volunteers built a log cabin and an awesome wooden truck that has traveled many miles and carried many a load in the back.

This is the view of the actual daycare center but mostly I was admiring the many trees, many shades of green, home to many birds.

This top yard has numerous swings.  This one is homemade, literally a large piece of cloth the children hang in, push off and twirl around and around.

A tire swing that has room for three to sit or stand.  Lucky today they had someone to push!

And a cozy hammock swing that is good for a little quiet minute.

Talking of quiet minutes, there are places in this yard where one can sit in the grass and ponder.

A little water can add complexity to the children's play and learning.  Pouring, scooping from one bucket to another and what happens to the sand that went in there?

Little rivers are fun to step in and jump over!

Today I just let the hose run and the children used the water how they wanted.  Cleaning off a friends shoes for example.

Our large sand box is well used.  From this vantage point the children are surrounded by nature.  

Driving the old wooden truck.  I wonder where she is off too?

Room for two.

These two are in a ferry boat going to an island to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

And this is just one of our yards!  Lucky kids!

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