Nostalgia and Wistful Thoughts Today.

Our intense cleaning is done. Until we have to clean again, because wishing with all your might that the cobwebs will stay away, doesn't mean they will.  The good part is that now we can clean little bits at a time instead of the entire house at once.

And for me the fun of dusting off old treasures from the storage room begins. I feel nostalgic as each item has certain memories that are attached.

I am emotional also because I am tired.  I am emotional because a lovely family we know has lost their beloved, young 19 year old son, tragically.  I am emotional because sometimes I struggle living in a beautiful house and having beautiful belongings.  Like I'm not sure I deserve to have.  I struggle having when many don't have.  

My thoughts run deep and heavy these days.  

It's a snowy, winter day outside and so inside I am trying to create comfy corners.  Places where company can come and relax and visit.  Corners where I can think and ponder and be creative.

This is what I found in my storage room today. Table cloths from sisters.  Candle holders.

Come over for a bowl of soup sometime.  You will be welcome to sit around our table.  A table my brother made when he was in high school and the same table my hubby D renovated many years later and added the benches.  My mom has had this table in her kitchen since I was very young.

I love doilies.  They are part of a dying art.  

My hubby D built this tea wagon when he was 14.  That makes it vintage!  I love it.

These items were bought in Israel.  We went on a trip there many years ago.  The amazing thing to me was that family friends took us.  As in financed the trip for us.  As well they gave us a handful of film to take as many pictures as we wanted and some spending money.  This little tea set is special because of their generosity.  The wooden camels come from Bethlehem.

This is our little common area upstairs where we relax in the evening.  It gets all cozy up there from the wood stove heat.

I have so much to be thankful for.  

I want to be intentionally generous this season.  I will think of ways to share.  I will try my best to be kind, to listen well, to feel the pain of others, and help them carry their heavy load.


  1. Wonderful words and thoughts, Ray-Ann! I am happy for you and D that you are home. Great cosy images, too.

    1. Hi Bill, Somehow I missed this lovely comment on December 2! Thank you! You and Bianca are welcome anytime if you want to come this way.