Amazing, Amazing, possibly Amazing.

This beautiful, loving, intelligent, creative little girl is turning 6 this month.

We live six hours away now and I'm sad about that but texting and face timing brings us closer.
She is starting to incorporate a lot of words into her texts but they also include a lot of stickers! Her last text read, "I loves Nanny Miller I loves. Heart, Heart, Heart.

And I loves her.

She is strong and capable and she is going to change the world!

She and her Mom went for a mother/daughter date yesterday.  I love that they do this.  They are connecting and investing and making forever memories.  Part of the fun is riding the bus downtown to a funky restaurant called the Art We Are.

Then they went to find some treasures at the local Thrift shop.

Little girl found a special box that she had a purpose for as soon as she saw it.
If the top of the box wasn't attractive enough, it also featured a mirror inside.

A Fairy Small World.

She used her own art work, a variety of little people and furniture and some fabric pieces.

Loose parts, open-ended toys = imaginative, creative play that lasts for a long time and contains many dimensions and variables.

As she looked back on her day she said it was, "Amazing, amazing, possibly amazing".

She also said, "I think this whole day was a birthday present".


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