New Year, New Room

I have been interested in daycare room design for a while now.  I worked in a toddler room and sometimes the infant room for the last five years and then my hubby and I moved away.  But while I worked there I was always thinking about room design.  I would often sneak into the 3-5 rooms, we had two, and check out all their cool ideas as well.

I am not interested in room design, just for the sake of room design.  I am interested in it because the Educators and children kind of live in the daycare room (s) all week, all month, all year.  As an Educator, I need to feel comfortable in the space and as I observe the children in the space I know they need to as well.  Bottom line, needs must be met in order for optimum harmony and learning and co-habitation.

A lot of thought needs to go into how a room is set up.  How does the traffic flow?  How do areas get defined?  How much space do the children need to move around in any given area?  What are the children interested in learning?  Is it too stimulating?  Is it beautiful and welcoming?  

My old co-worker and lead teacher in one of the 3-5's room recently sent me some pictures of their new room arrangement.  This staff team meet every Thursday while the children are resting.  They have tea in special mugs.  They sometimes have something special to eat. That is called Educator self-care.  And they talk about the children and the room and how to meet their needs.  They are great at what they do.  They are thoughtful and creative and hard-working.  

Maybe as you browse through these pictures and look at details you will be inspired in some way.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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