End of Summer is still Summer.

I've decided to take a break from Face Book.  I removed the app from my phone which really helped me as I was developing a bit of a habit that wasn't feeling balanced.  I realized my introverted personality was getting rubbed the wrong way a bit.  However, I still use the buy and sell pages now and then and I check my newsfeed once in the evening to scan for interesting work articles for my And the carrot came up work page.  So, not completely done with it but way better.

One of the interesting things I've been noticing on the pages I follow is that many fellow educators who live in the northern hemisphere like I do think it is fall already.  They are pulling out the fall loose parts and activities, pinecones and leaves.  I decided for me, nope, not doing that.  Why?

Summer is still here until September 23.  Even then nature may or may not look like fall.  I want to savor the golden days of summer and enjoy the harvest. 

A dear friend of mine who was trained in Waldorf education taught me that it's important to slow down time for little ones.  Let them actually see and experience the new season before bringing it indoors. Each season is long and there is lots of time for all the activities.  Noticing how the temperature has changed in the early mornings, eating donated plums by the fistful, saying good-bye to our big friends going off to kindergarten are all good ways to transition from the end of the summer season to the beginning of fall.  Watching our garden squash ripen and its leaves die-off is another way.  Slowing it down, watching it happen bit by bit.

A splash of end of summer color in our daycare yard.  I was rocking a little one in my arms on the patio one day.  She said in a sleepy voice, " I like your tags (flags) Ray-Ann".

Here are some ways I enjoy end of summer at home.

We celebrated a few birthdays in our family in early September.  Mine, and my grandson who just turned one. You will hear more about that in the next post. Darrell, my son and my two sons-in-law put a lot of thought and work into a wind chime for me.  I'm just so pleased.  It's exactly what I wanted for my patio.

This little girl and her Papa worked very hard on another gift for me.  They put together a water feature.  She knows all about the inner workings as she helped until it was done.  She thinks it needs some color and so do I.  I'm not sure what that will look like yet but meanwhile, it sure sounds lovely.

Harvest.  Yummy offerings from our small garden and some fruit from the market.

Late summer garden bouquet. 

I hope as September ramps up with school and work and maybe a faster pace for many families that we can all find ways to savor time, slow down and find a calmer rhythm for ourselves.

Children need as much unstructured time as possible to play, ponder and perhaps do nothing.  It gives them time to process.  It's healthy.  It has helped me to check in with myself and figure out ways to slow down.  I haven't had time to do "nothing" yet but I'm working on it. Goals.

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