In the Blink of an Eye.

In the blink of an eye, our little grand-son is one! 

From one Fall season to the next so much life change.

Waiting for the guests to arrive for his special celebration.

Like his Dada says, "When the cake's got your number on it."

No words needed.  Experiencing cake for the first time.


Papa and I sent along a Waldorf Birthday ring.  Papa hand-carved a baby bear and a number one to start this simple but beautiful tradition of honoring a child's special events.  I hand dipped the beeswax candles.  As that took some time, I thought about his birth story and how he came to us all. So special, so loved, so wanted.

His Dada brought all the pieces of these Pikler climbers with him this summer to finish them in Papa's workshop.  Together they crafted these beautiful wooden structures that will be used well in the future.  Lovely, thoughtful, home-made gifts.

Happy Birthday, Baby Bear.  We love you forever.

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*photo credit: Yuri Minenkov, aka Dada

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