Learning New Skills.

My most recently created play mat, the one featured in the series of blog posts I wrote to share how I design and fabricate a play mat, has sold.  I couldn't be more thrilled as I got to meet the lovely April who purchased it and hear about her Family Childcare business.  I love when I know the play mats are going to a good home and I hope that much story telling and imaginative play will happen with it.

I am super excited that my small business has expanded somewhat with the purchase of a few key tools.  A scroll saw, a belt sander and a dremel sander.  With these new tools I can start cutting out my own wooden animals and finishing them easily with the various sanding tools.

I am learning to cut wood and can't wait for my days off work to spend a little time in my husband's workshop to cut a few more little critter's.  At this point I'm experimenting with different kinds and thicknesses of wood and also with different patterns.

I recently met Oana Nistor on Instagram.  You can find her @story_baskets and she is being mentored by Susan Munzer and sharing Susan's work with story telling.  Through Oana I got permission from Susan to use her patterns from one of her books, Learn to Play, Play to Learn.  

Susan said, I could use the patterns with the condition that  they would, "honor and develop young minds."  That is something I definitely hope to contribute too through my work.

Susan also said, "A good idea is only a good idea if it is shared with others."

I'm excited to launch out to learn a new skill that I think will lend itself well with the felted play mats and small worlds I like to create.

I'm experimenting with different types of finish as well and have tried acrylic paint, mod podge, water color and bees wax.  Please comment if you have experience to share with me.   I would appreciate hearing from you.

This is one little girl who thinks that cutting out wooden animals and painting them is a good idea! My sweet little grand-daughter who is getting big way to quickly, worked so hard on all her pieces to give away as Christmas presents.

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