Wet Felted Playscape - The Story of Baby Bear

Once upon a time deep in the forest lived a Mama bear and her Baby bear.

The forest was a beautiful place for Baby bear to live and play.  His best friend was Racoon, and their best game was Hide and Seek.  Racoon was such a good hider that Baby bear had trouble finding him sometimes.

Moose and Buck lived in the forest too and Baby bear would see them in the distance eating leaves and grass.

One night baby bear was in his cave with his Mama.  Mama said it was time to sleep but baby bear was not tired.  "Hush baby bear", said Mama, "can you hear Wolf outside howling at the full moon?"

"Hoooowwlll," cried Wolf to the moon, again.  "Hush Baby Bear, the snow is falling and it is time for us to sleep".  But Baby bear could not sleep.  "I'm so hungry," whimpered Baby bear.  Mama bear sighed a big sigh and took Baby bear outside.

She rolled over a big log and found Baby Bear some ants and bugs to eat.  Back into the cave they went and they tried to settle into sleep.  Wiggle, jiggle, wiggle, jiggle moved Baby bear.  "Mama, I'm thirsty," whispered Baby bear.  Mama sighed a big sigh and took Baby Bear outside to the stream.

 Baby bear had a long drink of icy, cold water.  On the way back to the cave Mama bear pointed up to the sky.  Baby bear saw millions of shiny stars and a huge white ball.  "Mama, I want to play with that ball," said Baby bear.  "It's the moon, Baby bear, and it stays up in the sky all night long.  It lights the way for all the night time travellers."  Mama had an idea.

  She rolled some of the freshly fallen snow into a ball.  She rolled it to Baby bear.  Here Baby bear, here is a moon ball for you.  Baby bear was so happy he asked his Mama if he could take his moon ball to their cave.  "Yes you can," said Mama. Soon Mama bear and her Baby bear were all snug in their cave.  Mama bear sang a little song to her Baby bear and soon he was fast asleep.


  1. You never seize to amaze me. That is sooo beautifully done. I think you should make that into an actual story book.....just saying

  2. Thanks Aanyta! The children really love playing with this play mat.