I've Graduated! - to Minimalist Running Shoes

I was born in the fall.  In my family, growing up, we usually got a new pair of shoes to start off the new school year.  And with my birthday being in early September (9/11 is a famous date, but not because of me!) I often got new shoes then.
My mom said I would walk around looking at my feet, enjoying my new shoes.   Well, some things don't change much.  I got some new shoes the other day and sure enough I walked around the house all morning admiring my new shoes! And trying them out to make sure I really like them.
They are a little different as they are minimalist running shoes.  I tried the barefoot toe shoes in the store but had a hard time getting them on. Maybe I will graduate to those one day after I use these for a while.  When I tried these ones on my feet were instantly happy.  I can take the insole out if I want them to be neutral but for now I will keep the insole in for the little bit of cush it provides (4mm to be precise).
I went shoe shopping with my son, my youngest, because he has been using barefoot shoes for some time now.  He plays varsity baseball and is studying with the Chek Institute to become a certified exercise coach.  So he has been researching shoes for a while now and I respect his opinion.

Here they are....aren't they cute?  Brooks PureDrift.  Love them.  Lots of room for the toes.

And the side view.  Very light.  Very awesome.  
I had a really awesome work out today because of my happy feet.  True story.

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  1. Nice ones. I use barefoots and love them. My toes got used to cooperating pretty quick. Enjoy.