The Old Guy

At the facility where I work out, there is a lovely view of the outdoor track.  As I am jogging (or walking) along on the treadmill I can watch all the happenings down below.  I love when there is a soccer game or when the BC Lions training camp is going on.  The time just flies and before I know it 30 minutes has passed by and I have been so preoccupied people watching I have hardly felt any pain at all!  Today as I was walking along I saw a group of people on the right side of the track sprinting and stretching.  On the left side of the track was a beautiful young athlete who plays for the University basketball team.  She is strong and fast and flexible and young.  Then right in the center of the field my eyes were drawn to an old guy.  A really old guy.  As in really wrinkly and stiff and old.  He struggled to get down on the turf but when he did he stretched this way and that.  He has obviously been at this a while because he had a large repetoire of exercises.  Then he stood up and I could see that he had trouble walking.  Then to my astonishment he started to jog, slowly, carefully, with determination across the field.  I think my mouth might have dropped open, and my eyes welled up with tears because, well, I am an ISFJ, what can I say?  I was just so inspired.  Inspired to keep exercising when I least feel like it, push myself a little harder, keep moving because I can.  Inspired to not take my health for granted.  

I figure if I keep it up, one day not too far off from now I could look like this....