It's Good to be Back

I have been on holidays this past two weeks.  We got to travel a little, visit family and friends, watch baseball, work on our rental property, rest, eat delicious food and more!

Our son had his Baseball Championships that spanned over a four day week-end.  There was some very exciting, high calibre baseball to watch.  We were very proud of our son and his team for a great effort.  Some might have been disappointed in their second place finish, but I thought that they played so well and did their best.  Our son is glad of the rest now a busy, busy season is over.

We drove to watch the Championships and then drove a different way home in order to do some work on our rental property.

What a lovely time of year with everything in bloom and the mountains green with new foliage.  We were thankful for warm and sunny days.

Our rental property is gorgeous at this time of year.  We spent time mowing lawns, and trimming back branches in the pathways.

I found it restful and therapeutic to be immersed in nature.

We made time to go to our favorite coffee shop and visit friends and family.

When we came home for the last bit of our time off, we enjoyed having all our children at home.  It doesn't happen very often, that we are all together so I savour the moments.

My mother and my hubby D enjoying a conversation.

My oldest daughter and her family.

My second daughter and her husband.  We are so thankful that they were able to travel to see us.

My happy and relaxed son.


Thank-you to all who take the time to read my little blog.  It is May and it is the First Birthday of "and the carrot came up".

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