Things you Do for Your Kids.

I found this little gem on Eric Carle's blog today.

He created it for Mother's Day.  Probably just whipped it up.  Because he can.

It reminded me of something special that happened for me this Mother's Day.

We were sitting in baseball bleachers waiting for the start of the Canadian Collegiate Baseball Conference final to begin.

I was nervous and dressed in many layers as it was cold there.  The previous evening it had snowed.  I didn't really mind so much that I was dressed for warmth and maybe not very, you know,  fashionable.  After all who would really care what I was wearing when I was all wrapped in my 
$6.99 Value Village wool blanket from Scotland?  Nine inning baseball games are known to last up to three hours, I reasoned, staying warm is the priority.

What I hadn't counted on was that the organisers of the tournament called all the Mother's forward.  We were to walk down and meet our son's who were lined up on the first base line with a rose. Like walk down in front of Everybody. Wow, that was really nice, really nice.  I was not embarrassed at all.  
Lie, total lie.

Oh well, here I go.  I thought I would just stride right over to him as fast as I could.  Just get this little show over quickly.

He says to me, "Nice boots Mom"  I said to him, "Hey, they are good for down to -40c, so hurry up and win already."  I think the kid next to him is thinking, "Yeah, nice boots."

He gave me the rose, I gave him a hug. 

The things you do for your kids.

I love watching him play.  Yes, I do.

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