Being Small.

Oh boy, it's been a hard few days at work.  We are having September in June.  Anybody who has worked in an infant room in September knows exactly what I am talking  about.  We have some new Little's, really little Little's.  They are experiencing for the first time, being away from everything familiar, to nothing familiar.  And they are insecure. They are crying and want to be held.  On top of that we have been having staffing challenges that all child care center's go through from time to time.

So tonight I am tired.  Bone weary.  My back hurts.
I did get a break today, for which I am thankful.  I walked up to the gym that is close by my work and plugged some music in my ears and started walking...with a smile on my face.  I read somewhere that, that is a great
 anti-depressant.  I want to share a song I listened to while I was walking and stretching out sore back and shoulder muscles.
For some reason I am having trouble loading the YouTube video (probably because I am tired), but click on the link and enjoy a sweet song......

Are there times when you want to be small?  When you need to be small?  I think about that when I am rocking Little's.  Making my arms a safe place for them to be in.  
 Sometimes even grown-ups need a safe place to be small and to rest and replenish.  A quiet, peaceful place. 

When I got home tonight this is what greeted me.

My bright, colorful garden cheers my soul.  It's not too big or fancy, just a few pots stuffed full. It's my quiet, happy place.  My little gnome home reminds me of child-like wonder and calms me down when life tries to overwhelm.

I will be ready to go back at it tomorrow, but for now I am being quiet.
 And small.

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