Outdoor Play Spaces.

I have a Son-in-Law who is working on his second Master's Degree.  This one is in Library Science.  The course he is currently working on is a Multi-Media one and he has a lot of assignments and projects to complete in a short six-week period.  

He shared one of his assignments with me that I was particularly pleased with, because, not only did it include my sweet little grand-daughter, but it also promotes the importance of outdoor play.  A topic near and dear to my heart.

I think he did a great job on his video assignment, don't you?

Talking of outdoor play, we had fun as a family, outdoors, this week-end.  My hubby D was in a 
slo-pitch tournament that we had fun watching.  As we sat in the shade and watched him, our little grand-daughter got us all moving by having races.  

On your mark, get set, Go!

Her Uncle was a good sport.

Papa's turn.  He had just enough energy left after his game.

And Mama's turn.

Happy and Carefree.  

Barefoot, Fresh Air and Sunshine.

So much to be thankful for.

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