One Little Girl.

This post is about a little girl in our infant room.
This little girl is a special little lovely. Well, to be truthful, they all are.  Unique and different. But today I am going to tell you about a little girl who is sweet and gentle. Independent.
 This past while she has been seriously interested in baby dolls.  

We have this one.


And this one.  She loves both and doesn't discriminate.

All she has needed to date is one of these dolls to look after ALL day. All of her play centers around her doll.  When she comes for snack, we tuck it under her chair until she is done.  When she naps, she puts it to nap beside her.  For the rest of the day she carries it around.  Sometimes she covers it with a piece of fabric and pats it's back.  Another interest that goes along side her baby fascination, is her cell phone.  Her cell phone is a blue block.  

She sends text messages regularly to her mom, throughout the day.  Yesterday she used the silver mardi gras necklace to PLUG her phone in.  Of course she did!  Cell phones need to be charged!  I'm so glad we have "loose parts" in our room for children to use their imagination with!  

One day someone gave us a stroller for her to use.  It's a little challenging to bring in one stroller to the infant room, as EVERYONE wants a turn ALL at the same time.  So we bring it out when we go for walks.  The stroller has been a nice extension of her play.  She has taught me though, that she doesn't really need elaborate props.  For the longest time she has been content with a piece of fabric and her doll.

As our daycare is located on a University campus there are really nice pathways to walk on.  This week all of the staff have had an opportunity to take her out.  We push the triple with three Little's riding and she walks along side.  Students and faculty alike are so delighted!  

It's a cuteness overload!

Taking time to smell the flowers.

Checking out the grass and pavement.  Textures are interesting to little ones. 

She stopped now and then to check on her baby and fix the blanket.

Uh Oh!  Just sending a quick text to mommy.

I love my job!


  1. What a wonderful story Ray-Ann, I hope you have shared this blog with her family :)