A Morning Well Spent.

I could hear her chattering away to her Daddy as she walked down my sidewalk.  After a quick good-bye for Dad, she and I got into playing right away.  First it was soccer.  She was the goalie.  After playing that for a while she realized that she needed a net.  "What do we need for a net?" I asked her.
This is what she came up with.

 We played tag and hide-and-seek and then we went inside for some painting.

An invitation.

She chose the colors she wanted and helped add the water and stir them up.

She was really into mixing colors  together.

"Look what happens."


She carefully painted the edges with the midnight blue.

I loved watching how her painting evolved.

And then she was done.  For now.

She helped me clean up and wanted to wash her hands which led right into water play.

More science.  More experiments.

We also:
Read a story
Had a tea party
Ate snack
Listened to music
And talked about a lot of things....

What a lucky Nanny am I!

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