We went and did some mowing and up keep on our rental property last week-end.  It's about 6-7 hrs away, so it's a road trip. We stay in a friend's cabin while we are there.
We like going back there in many ways because it's so familiar, and it's so beautiful at this time of year.  We lived there for 25 years.  That is also why it's hard, and a bit emotional, to go back.
When I work on the property and walk around, memories of my children playing and growing up there, come tumbling into my mind.

I look at the rustic beauty and remember bouquets of wild flowers or long legged children running through the grass, hair flying back.  Or  a little boy tromping through the forest, climbing in his tree house or shooting his bow and the cat.  (He never did hit the cat)

Wild beauty.

I love ferns, don't you?  

Paths through the forest that are kind of magical.

Time goes by so quickly doesn't it?  The little boy who grew up on this land is now taller than his Dad.  When he was young he had a little trouble doing his fair share of chores, much to his sisters frustration.  Whatever he didn't do when he was young, he has more than made up for, now that he is older.

We left at the end of the week-end with everything looking nice.  

A couple of thoughts about memories....

Write things down, even if it's only the highlights.  I wish now that I had done that more.  When you are in the moment, you think you will remember but 
25 - 30 years later, you can't.  Maybe you are more organized than me but that is my one bit of advice.  I guess the technology of today is helpful, as people are recording little videos and taking pictures constantly with their smart phones.

Whatever your system, track those memories, they are so much fun to look back on.

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