The Satisfying Sense of Accomplishment.

This little boy has been in our infant room for almost a year.  I just got the news that he will be leaving soon.  As I thought about the fact of his moving away, I realized how attached I have become to him. I know my co-workers feel the same way.  I have been a part of caring for this young child for a long time.  I have fed him and changed many diapers.  I have rocked him to sleep countless times.  I have soothed him, comforted him and loved him.

He has come so far in all areas of development.  Large motor development is so phenomenal and obvious in the infant room.  Babies go from lying to rolling to sitting to standing to climbing so quickly!  Of course there is a wide range of "normal" and not all develop at the same rate or in the same way, but it is all amazing to watch and be a part of.

He recently learned something new.

He climbed up quickly and confidently.

Once he is at the top he stayed there for a long, long time. About 15 minutes actually.  He was very relaxed and comfortable up there.

He looked around.  Our patio is screened in and looks out to trees, and bushes and a parking lot with cars and trucks coming and going.

He explored the wood on the climber.

He stood up and and knelt down numerous times, almost as if he was practising that skill.

We played peek-a-boo, one of his favorite games.  He squealed with delight!

And then.....he decided to go down.

Front ways.  He started off very slowly.  I could tell he was trusting himself so I trusted him too.  I could see that he had complete control of his body the entire time.

 He decided to turn himself around part way down.  That choice made things a little tricky.

He held on tightly and worked on getting his right leg out from under.  I let him know that I was there and that I wouldn't let him fall.

After a little hard work, he got it.  All by himself.

And there he was.  Safe and sound at the bottom.

He didn't celebrate so nor did I. Well I did, inside of myself!  It was almost as if he knew all along that he could do it. His own internal sense of accomplishment was enough. 

On to new adventures!

Thank-you for the joy you have brought to our lives little one.
All the very best to you and your lovely family. 

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