A Felted Play Mat - Milo the Mouse

A long time ago I posted a Country Scene felted play mat that I created and fully intended to share a different story that I use it for.  Life being life, I never got around to it. 

 But today is the day for HONK! TOOT! BEEP!

This is a super cute story, quite short, but it gets filled out nicely with the setting of the scene.

In the city lived Milo the Mouse.

(I made the city with wooden blocks that I covered with painted watercolored paper.)

(Don't be shy about your art work.  The children know it's the city if you tell them it is.  Point out the windows and doors of the buildings and see if they can find the bakery.)

He was trying to sleep in his little mouse house.

But it was too noisy for a mouse to sleep.
Cars were honking, HONK! TOOT! BEEP!

(You can insert, A police car was chasing, and bikes were ringing, use what props you have around the house or daycare room)

A train was chugging. Choo, choo, choo!

A fire truck was rushing.  Ding, ding, ding!

A horse was trotting.  Clop, clop, clop!

Milo yelled,  "THIS NOISE MUST STOP!"

He moved to the country.  He built a new house.

It was the perfect place for Milo the Mouse.

The End.

If you would like to view the whole play mat as a country scene, click the link!

Honk! Toot! Beep! 
was written by Samantha Berger and Illustrated by Gloria Elliot

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