Little Cooker.

I got to spend some time with this little girl today, my grand-daughter.  It's hard to believe she is going to be four soon.  She recently told her mom that when she grows up she wants to be, "an airplane pilot, a soccer player, a woman and a cook.  Four things I want to be."

She has always loved her play kitchen and has spent countless hours cooking there.
Her interest in cooking has grown as she has been watching Master Chef Jr. with her parents. Today when she and I were playing in her room she wanted to do some cooking so she gathered "ingredients" and needed a "quarter cup" (actually a taurter cup) of this and that to make her recipe.  Then she put it in the play oven for "five minutes".
Later she gathered some items and brought them downstairs to serve to all members of the family.

She organized this part all on her own and I couldn't help but be impressed by her creativity and imagination.  

This was what she served me....chutney pancakes and a chutney cookie.

Her mom received this presentation.

This was Papa's.  The gems are the chutney.  Papa thought he was getting french toast.  "But it's not!" she said.

And this was her Dad's.  I love how artistic she was with her servings!


A few days ago she cooked "for real" and helped her Dad make his famous applesauce chocolate cake.

I think it is wonderful that she has the opportunity to experience and develop cooking skills at such a young age.  She is interested in it and her parents are following her lead.  Fortunately for her, there is a lot of cooking from "scratch" that happens at their house!

She's well on her way to becoming a Master Chef!

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