A Soft Space.

I read an article a few months ago recommending that educators create "soft spaces" in their daycare classrooms.  The idea resonated with me, perhaps because as an introverted personality, I gravitate to soft, quiet corners where I can be alone for a time and regenerate.  Children have the same needs at times, particularly in a busy toddler room.

 In September we talked about this in a staff meeting and made it a priority to create at least one little space that the children could crawl into and hide away for a time.

We had an ideal spot just across from our fish tank.  What I like is that it is tucked away out of the main flow of traffic but still within sight.  Our fish tank happens to be placed onto a shelving unit and so we put a few puzzles or manipulative toys there for the children to play quietly with if they want.

Toddlers at times have very big feelings they are learning to regulate.  Rather then tell them to stop crying (which isn't likely going to happen anyway) I would rather acknowledge their need to cry and gently direct them to the soft space where they can have their feelings.  

This space is not meant for "time out".

I put a mirror on the wall close by, partly because the light reflection is lovely and soothing and also because they just might want to see themselves in it.

Several times last week I led crying little ones to this space.  When I had a chance I actually crawled right in beside them, and was just there, present as they had their feelings.  It wasn't long and someone else came along with a book that we all read together and some others came and played quietly.

I have resisted the temptation to curl up and suck my thumb in the soft space so far, but some days......oh boy, some days.....it seems like it would be the best place EVER!


Would you like to read about creating a soft space in your home or daycare room?  Check out the article HERE 


  1. Can I come and curl up beside you? Sounds like the best place for grounding. Lovely

  2. Thank you for sharing this. What a lovely space for the toddlers in your room :)

    1. thanks for the comment Laura! I had a little browse on your blog as well and I am thinking that Egg Nog Latte looks very tempting...I might have to give that a try soon!